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Azure API Management update – October 2019, Number 2



A regular Azure API Management service update started on 25 October 2019, and included the following new features, bug fixes, changes and improvements. We deploy updates gradually and it takes over a week for every active API Management service instance to receive them. **New** * It’s now possible to create custom content types in the new developer portal. Custom content types’ names need to start with the `c-` prefix. Documentation [in the portal’s GitHub repository]( will soon be updated. **Fixed** * When a Consumption tier service with a custom domain is suspended and then reactivated, it now preserves the certificate and the domain settings. This fix only applies to services created from now on. * Requests aborted due to client disconnect are no longer reported as back-end disconnect failures. * Requests that failed due to an invalid back-end HTTP response code are no longer reported as internal gateway error failures. **Changed** * It’s now possible to use the [network status API call]( to monitor connectivity among the local cache and API Management units in a region. * The `redirect-content-urls` policy now respects API version identifier in the URL path. * Enabling VNET connectivity to additional storage accounts is no longer required for the managed version of the new developer portal. [Documentation]( will be updated soon. The new developer portal (in preview) follows an independent release life cycle and the [per-release change log is available on GitHub]( * API Management * Features * [ API Management](