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Azure Firewall Manager is now in preview



**Azure Firewall Manager Preview is a security management service that provides central security policy and route management for cloud-based security perimeters.** It works with [Azure Virtual WAN Hub](, a Microsoft-managed resource that lets you easily create hub and spoke architectures. When security and routing policies are associated with such a hub, it is referred to as a **Secured Virtual Hub.** **Key features** * **Central deployment and configuration** * Deploy and configure multiple Azure Firewall instances * Optimised for DevOps with Hierarchical policies * **Automated routing** * Easily attract traffic to your secured hub for filtering and logging using central routing configuration * **Advanced security with third-party SECaaS** * Use best-in-breed third-party Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) partners for advanced internet security * Combine with Azure Firewall for private traffic [Learn more]( * Azure Firewall * Security * [ Azure Firewall](