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Update 19.10 for Azure Sphere now available



The Azure Sphere public preview, version 19.10, is now available via the Retail feed. The 19.10 release includes a quality release of the OS along with a new Azure Sphere SDK that includes significant enhancements. **New user sign-in and authentication model.** The 19.10 SDK supports a new user authentication model that enables [role-based access control]( (RBAC). RBAC will make authentication simple and more flexible by supporting sign-in with any Microsoft or work/school account and enabling organisations to assign specific roles to individual users. If you already use Azure Sphere, it will be necessary to perform a one-off migration to the new RBAC model. If you are part of an organisation, you’ll need to plan the migration carefully to avoid unnecessary disruption to other Azure Sphere users. For more information, please see the online documentation for the Azure Sphere 19.10 SDK: [About migration]( **Cloud loading your apps to your Azure Sphere devices is significantly simpler**. The new cloud management model makes it easier to create deployments and organise devices. You only need create _products_, _device groups_ and _deployments_. You will no longer have to also set up SKUs, feeds and image sets for your applications. For more information on the new cloud management model, see [Deployment basics]( **CMake by default.** By default, Azure Sphere apps are now built using CMake, a cross-platform build system that you can use for all of your development: for high-level apps and real-time capable apps; for development in Visual Studio or the command line. All of the [Azure Sphere sample applications]( have also been updated to use CMake. The SDK will continue to support existing projects (based on msbuild and vcxproj), although these will no longer be supported in a subsequent release. This change – to use CMake by default – prepares the way for upcoming preview releases of the Azure Sphere SDK for Linux and the Azure Sphere extension for Visual Studio Code. **The SDK for Visual Studio is optimised for Visual Studio 2019**, which has improved support for CMake as well as other enhancements. Visual Studio 2017 will no longer be supported in a subsequent SDK release, and we encourage all users to upgrade to Visual Studio 2019. See [What’s new]( for more information. Azure Sphere maintains two cloud update feeds, the **Retail Azure Sphere OS** and the **Retail Evaluation Azure Sphere OS**. The Retail feed provides a production-ready OS and is intended for broad deployment to end-user installations. The Retail Evaluation feed provides each new OS for 14 days before we release it to the Retail feed. It is intended for backwards compatibility testing. Visit the [**Azure Sphere website**]( for documentation and more information on how to get started with Azure Sphere. To kick off an Azure Sphere engagement with your Microsoft representative, **[contact us](** * Azure Sphere * Operating System * SDK and Tools * [ Azure Sphere](