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Azure API Management update – December 2019



A regular Azure API Management service update was started on 4 December 2019, which included the following new features, bug fixes and changes, along with other improvements. **New** 1. Multiple custom domains for API gateway (proxy) are now allowed in the Developer tier of the service. This lets you configure your API Management service in the Developer tier before you upgrade it to the Premium tier. 2. Back-end entity now supports a wildcard “\*” URL in the properties.url field. A wildcard back-end entity will match every back-end hostname that doesn’t have its own back-end entity. By creating a wildcard back-end entity with properties.tls.validateCertificateName set to true, you can turn on hostname validation on all existing and future APIs that don’t have an associated specific back-end entity. **Fixed** 1. You can now delete media files in the new developer portal. 2. Users with non-alphanumeric characters in their IDs can now sign in to the new developer portal. 3. “signInTenant” setting is now properly set when registering a new AAD provider (for example, through the Identities tab in the Azure portal). New developer portal follows an independent release life cycle and the per-release changelog [is available on GitHub]( [Learn more]( * API Management * Features * [ API Management](