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Azure Service Fabric 7.0 is now available



The new Azure Service Fabric release is now available. This release introduces several new features and stability and performance improvements, including: * Improved resource governance and isolation. * Customisable safety checks for stateless services. * Additional safety checks for cluster operations. * “VeryHigh” MoveCost support for workloads with little tolerance for proactive rebalancing. * Management of the backup and restore service via the Service Fabric Explorer UI. * Availability of the ReliableCollectionsMissingTypesTool for determining stateful service upgrade safety. * Availability of consistent and stable secondary reads. * Previews of: * Range and sequence-based ReliableDictionary operations. * Managed identity integration via KeyVaultReference for application secrets. See the [release notes]( and [community announcement]( for full details. * Service Fabric * Features * [ Service Fabric](