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Azure DevOps – Create a dashboard without a team



With this latest update sprint to Azure DevOps, it’s now possible to [create a dashboard without associating it to a team]( The dashboard will be visible to everyone in the project and you decide who can edit or manage it. In addition, a [sprint burndown thumbnail]( has been added. Configure it to burndown based on stories, story points or by count of tasks. Take a look at the latest features and updates. **Reporting:** * [Inline sprint burndown thumbnail]( * [Create a dashboard without a team]( **Azure Repos:** * [New web platform conversion landing pages]( **Azure Pipelines:** * [Updated multi-stage pipelines UI]( * [VSTest TestResultsDirectory option is available in the task UI]( * [Use extends keyword in pipelines]( * [Markdown support in automated test error messages]( * [Collect automatic and user-specified metadata from pipeline]( * [Updates to service connections UI]( * [VM deployments with environments]( * [Skipping stages in a YAML pipeline]( * Features