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Backup Explorer is now in preview



[Azure Backup]( now offers a new solution called Backup Explorer (in preview). Backup Explorer is a built-in Azure Monitor Workbook enabling you to have a single pane of glass to perform real-time monitoring across your entire backup estate on Azure. Up until now, you could use a Recovery Services vault to get a bird’s-eye view of items backed up under that vault along with the associated jobs, policies and alerts. However, as your backup estate expands to span multiple vaults across subscriptions, regions and tenants, monitoring this estate in real time becomes a larger, more complicated task, requiring you to write your own customisations. Backup Explorer works across vaults, subscriptions and regions. If you’re an [Azure Lighthouse]( user with delegated access to your customers’ subscriptions, you can use Backup Explorer to view monitoring data across multiple tenants as well. It’s currently supported for Azure Virtual Machines, and support for more workloads will be added in the near future. [Learn more about Backup Explorer]( * Azure Backup * Azure Monitor * Azure Resource Graph * Features * Management * [ Azure Backup]( * [ Azure Monitor]( * [ Azure Resource Graph](