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Azure Firewall Manager Preview refresh



Azure Firewall Manager Preview now supports Azure Firewall deployments in virtual networks (also known as hub virtual networks) in addition to its support for Azure Firewall deployments in virtual WAN hubs (also known as secured virtual hubs). First introduced at Ignite 2019, Azure Firewall Manager Preview is a network security management service that provides central security policy and route management for cloud-based security perimeters. It makes it easy for Enterprise IT teams to centrally define firewall policies for traffic filtering across multiple Azure Firewalls. The Azure Firewall instances can span different Azure regions and subscriptions in hub and spoke architecture, making it easier for traffic governance and protection. In addition, it empowers DevOps for better agility with derived local firewall security policies to be implemented across organisations. [Learn more about Azure Firewall Manager]( [Read the Azure Firewall Manager documentation]( * Azure Firewall * Services * [ Azure Firewall](