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Azure IoT Central – March 2020 updates



#### IoT Central now available in the United Kingdom (UK) and Japan geographies IoT Central is now generally available in both the UK and Japan geographies. The UK South and UK West Azure data centres host the UK geography. The Japan East and Japan West Azure data centres host the Japan geography. Although both of these new geographies are available to customers around the world, customers with data residency or performance requirements can now take advantage of this updated availability. #### Certificate and individual enrolment APIs Choose your own device connectivity credentials for individual devices by choosing a symmetric key, uploading a certificate or entering an endorsement key from a trusted platform module with [individual enrolments]( Now with public API support, you can configure these scenarios programmatically to connect your devices. #### Jobs improvements The [jobs experience]( in IoT Central now supports bulk device management for IoT Edge devices. Jobs can now run updates with complex types such as `object`, `vector` or `geopoint`. The updated jobs experience includes a visual experience alignment with the rest of IoT Central, and streamlines the job creation workflow. #### Trial to pay-as-you-go interaction update The [pay-as-you-go upgrade flow ]( the UI now allows trial users to choose their IoT Central pricing plan during the upgrade flow. This update is an improvement over the previous experience where customers could only change their pricing plan after finishing the upgrade flow. #### UI customisation improvements When you [customise the UI]( in IoT Central, you can now change every component that uses an accent colour. Previously, you could only customise buttons and toggles. Now, you can also customise icons, focus indicators and spinners, enhancing your ability to customise the UI. #### Direct link to the Azure CLI Observe device messages and device twins by using the Azure CLI IoT extension. Use this tool to diagnose and debug issues where device messages don’t reach IoT Central, or where devices don’t respond to device twin updates. Access the tool directly from a link on the IoT Central **Help** menu. * Azure IoT Central * Features * [ Azure IoT Central](