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Azure IoT Central – April 2020 new features



#### View end-to-end location history on a map Location history on map tiles now shows data points across the entire selected time range. Previously, map tiles would show the most recent 100 points, which may not have covered the entire range. Now, we take up to 100 data points from across the entire time range to make it easier to see the entire journey, even over a week-long period. #### Improved error page design We’ve redesigned the 404 error page to help you resolve issues without contacting support. New error text helps you understand why you’re seeing the error page, and the new **me control** helps authenticated users switch accounts if needed. #### Support \[Any\] value for event type in rules Fire a [rule on any event telemetry](, regardless of the payload, with the new enhanced rules in IoT Central. In this release, you can scope the rule condition to fire on event telemetry and set the condition value to ‘Any’. #### Clickable links for URLs sent as telemetry and image rendering support for last known value (LKV) tile If your device includes a URL in a telemetry message, you can now visualise it on a dashboard as a clickable link on an LKV, event or property tile. Clicking the link opens the URL in a new browser tab. If the URL references an image, the dashboard can render the image in the LKV tile. To use this feature, change the telemetry **show as** setting in the tile configuration pane. Image rendering currently only supports unsecured endpoints. * Azure IoT Central * Features * [ Azure IoT Central](