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Azure Monitor enhancements are now available



Azure Monitor provides full-stack observability for apps and infrastructure across Azure and hybrid environments. It’s natively integrated with Azure, providing consistent out-of-the-box telemetry and rich insights, which can easily be configured and managed at scale. Several enhancements are now available including: * Preview of Azure Monitor Application Insights on Azure Monitor Logs workspaces. * General availability of Azure Monitor for Azure Storage and Azure Monitor for Azure Cosmos DB. * Preview of Azure Monitor for Azure Key Vault and Azure Monitor for Redis Cache * Capacity reservation and CMK encryption with dedicated Azure Monitor Logs clusters for large-scale deployments. Read the [What’s new in Azure Monitor]( blog for a full list of announcements and the [Azure Monitor documentation]( to learn more. [Read the blog for the full list of announcements]( [Learn more]( * Azure Monitor * Services * [ Azure Monitor](