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Azure real-time operating system



[Azure real-time operating system]( is now generally available. This is a small, fast, reliable and easy-to-use real-time operating system for connecting deeply embedded sensors, devices and gateways from the edge to the Internet of Things (IoT). A real-time operating system helps embedded developers ensure that their devices and equipment quickly and reliably respond to specific actions. It’s valuable for everything from high-value industrial applications to inexpensive consumer devices, and is ideal for devices such as microcontrollers with a single processing core. [Learn more about real-time operating systems]( High-end or hard, real-time systems provide deterministic performance, guaranteed to perform within a certain margin of error with worst case response times in the tens of microseconds. A best-in-class real-time operating system also provides built-in tools to protect shared memory and power resources, integrated components to accelerate software development and capabilities to keep the equipment secure. All of this with just 2 KB of flash memory and 1 KB of RAM at a low purchase price. The complete source code for the Azure real-time operating system embedded development suite – including code for the leading real-time-operating system, Azure real-time operating system ThreadX – is now available on [GitHub]( Several improvements to Azure real-time operating system are also now available to help you build high-performing devices that seamlessly connect to the power of Azure. [Learn more]( * Azure RTOS * Features * [ Azure RTOS](