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New Cognitive Services capabilities are now available in preview



New Cognitive Services capabilities are now available in preview: * **Personaliser – Apprentice mode feature:** The new apprentice mode feature for Personaliser enables businesses to skip the initial learning curve when deploying the service. When switched on, the Personaliser API learns in real time alongside existing solutions without being exposed to users until it has delivered performance results according to desired KPI goals. * **Speech – New capabilities:** * **Pronunciation assessment:** The Speech service [pronunciation assessment]( capability evaluates speech pronunciation and gives speakers feedback on the accuracy and fluency of spoken audio. With pronunciation assessment, language learners can practice, get instant feedback and improve their pronunciation so that they can speak and present with confidence. Educators can use the capability to evaluate the pronunciation of multiple speakers in real time. The feature currently supports English (United States) and correlates highly with speech assessments conducted by experts. * **Speaker Recognition** – Speaker Recognition is extending language support to eight languages. Use either free-form speech or passphrases to verify speakers with the new text-independent speaker verification API. The new Speaker Recognition feature will be available on 1 June 2020. ​[Learn more]( * Azure Cognitive Services * Features * Services * [ Azure Cognitive Services](