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Azure Lighthouse updates – April 2020



Several critical updates have been made to Azure Lighthouse: * An option for MSPs to opt out of the delegation built-in role. Delegation entries are now written to MSP tenant activity logs and MSPs can be notified of customer delegation activity. * The subscription function now includes managed-by-context, offering enhanced Azure Resource Manager template functions with ‘accessing by’ vs ‘owned by details’. * Built-in policy definitions are available and recommended for delegated scopes, giving you the ability to say what’s managed by each partner. * Lighthouse is now a FEDRAMP High certified service for Government cloud. * Azure Sentinel support with Lighthouse. * Azure Backup reports and Azure Backup explorer allow Lighthouse partners to easily view and report on backups at scale across customers with Workbooks. * Azure Arc for server support with Lighthouse. * Managed-service offers can be migrated to the Partner Center. * Enhanced **Help+Support** blade experience. [Learn more]( * Azure Lighthouse * Management * [ Azure Lighthouse](