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Azure IoT Central—May 2020 dashboard updates



#### Dashboard improvements The dashboard has been improved so you can now view up to 10 devices on **Chart**, **Event**, **KPI**, **LKV**, **Map**, and **Property** tiles. Use the new **Count** tile to easily see how many devices are in a device group. This highly requested feature is the first release towards full multi-device tile support. You now have the ability to change a tile's data source. While in dashboard edit mode, click the gear icon on an existing tile to open the configuration pane. Then change the selections in the **Device group** and **Device instance** dropdowns to change which device(s) the tile displays. When you configure an **Image** tile, you can change how the image displays. If **Fit image** is ON, your image stretches to fit the tile canvas area, leaving no empty space. If **Fit image** is OFF, your image maintains its aspect ratio, which may result in some empty space on the tile. Specify a background color for the tile when **Fit image** is OFF. If your device sends a URL string as telemetry, you can now visualize it on the dashboard as a clickable link, which opens the URL in a new browser tab. If the URL references an image, the dashboard can render that image on an **LKV** tile. To use this feature, change the telemetry **Show as** setting in the configuration. Image rendering currently only supports unsecured endpoints, but authentication support will be added in the future. Click the **Copy** button while in edit mode to duplicate tiles on application dashboards, and then click the settings gear to configure the copied tile. Now you have the ability to see your tiles update while in edit mode, making it easy to adjust tile configurations and understand how they'll appear on the dashboard. Previously you had to save the dashboard to view updates. View the last 100 raw telemetry values on line charts on application dashboard tiles. To view line charts with raw data, change the display range to **Last 100 values**. Previously, line charts showed averaged values dependent on the time range selected. To learn more, see [Configure the application dashboard]( * Azure IoT Central * Features * [ Azure IoT Central](