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Azure Spring Cloud updates



New features in Spring Cloud that boost developer productivity, enable more DevOps scenarios, and make the platform production ready, are now available. The following new capabilities are now available: * [**Debugging with real-time log stream**](—Debug your apps in Spring Cloud with real-time log_ streaming. * [**CI/CD pipeline integration**](—Push your code to Spring Cloud from CI/CD pipelines, with an integrated experience. * [**Custom domain name and certificate support**](—Spring Cloud now allows you to bring your own domain names and certificates with custom domains. * [IntelliJ IDE support](—The IntelliJ plug-in for Spring Cloud supports application deployment from the IntelliJ IDE. * [**Azure Monitor integration**](—Monitor Spring Cloud resources with Azure Monitor. Spring Cloud alerts support monitoring resources based on conditions such as available storage, rate of requests, or data usage. * [**Managed Identities integration**](—Spring Cloud now supports simplified credential management with Managed Identities for Spring Cloud instances. * [**Self-diagnosis capabilities**](—Use Spring Cloud to self-diagnose app availability, performance, and configurations. [Learn more]( * Features