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Live Video Analytics now in public preview



Live Video Analytics (LVA) on IoT Edge is now in public preview. It is a platform to capture, record and analyse live video and publish the results (video and/or video analytics), for you to build intelligent video applications. You can use LVA for a number of use cases across industries such as retail, healthcare and transportation. You can bring any custom AI by plugging in video analysis edge modules, whether they are Cognitive Services containers, custom edge modules built with open source machine learning models or custom models trained with a customer’s own data. You can also combine video analysis with other business data to make smarter business decisions. LVA integrates with a number of Azure services (in the cloud and/or the edge), such as [Stream Analytics on IoT Edge]( ""), [Cognitive Services on IoT Edge]( ""), [Media Services]( ""), [Event Hub]( ""), and [Cognitive Services]( ""). Read the [full blog post]( "") about Live Video Analytics, see a [demo]( ""). [Get started with documentation]( * Media Services * Azure IoT Edge * Features * Services * [ Azure IoT Edge]( * [ Media Services](