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Azure Automation updated DNS records



To support new features in [Azure Automation](, such as [Azure Private Links](, the automation URLs have been updated. Instead of region-specific URLs, there are now account-specific URLs. If you have an Automation account that’s defined for a specific region, use the following DNS records in your firewall security rules or to restrict hybrid runbook worker communication to that regional data centre. **Old automation URLs:** **Change to these for public cloud:** https://<accountId>.webhook.<region> : Required to start runbooks by doing a POST on webhook URL. ​https://<accountId>.agentsvc.<region> : Required for Automation state configuration scenario. ​https://<accountId>.jrds.<region> : Required by the hybrid runbook worker for hybrid jobs. ​​​Where **<accountID>** would be automation account ID, **<region>** would be region code for each automation region. Fetch the automation account ID from the keys section in the **Automation Account** blade: ​ ![]( **Note:** Linux hybrid worker registration will fail with the new URLs unless or the version above is used. For your \*NEW\* registrations, upgrade to [the new version of Linux hybrid worker]( **All existing machines will continue working without any issues.** The old Automation URLs as mentioned [here]( remain functional to allow time for you to migrate. Learn more about new DNS records for each region [here]( * Automation * Services * Security * [ Automation](