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Azure CLI June 2020 update



The Azure CLI is a cross-platform, command-line interface to create and manage Azure services. It works on Linux, macOS, and Windows, and can be used as part of scripts and in other automated scenarios. With the [June 2020 release]( for the Azure CLI, 23 new modules to manage as many Azure services are now available. | **Service categories** | **Azure Services with CLI native support** | | -------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Analytics: | Azure Databricks ([az databricks]( DataShare ([az datashare]( PowerBI Dedicated ([az powerbi embedded-capacity]( Stream Analytics ([az stream-analytics]( Synapse ([az synapse]( Time Series Insights ([az timeseriesinsights]( | | Compute: | Azure Blockchain ([az blockchain]( | | Integration: | Azure Logic Apps ([az logic]( | | Management and governance: | Azure Blueprint ([az blueprint]( Cost Management ([az costmanagement export]( Alert Management for Log Analytics ([az monitor action-rule]( Resource Graph ([az graph]( Custom Resource Providers ([az custom-providers resource-provider]( Ops management for Log Analytics ([az monitor log-analytics solution]( Account management ([az account]( | | Mixed reality: | Azure Spatial Anchors ([az spatial-anchors-account]( | | Mobile: | Azure Notification Hubs ([az notification-hub]( | | Networking: | Azure Peering Service ([az peering]( | | Security: | Azure Dedicated HSM ([az dedicated-hsm]( | | Storage: | Azure Databox ([az databox]( HPC Cache ([az storagecache]( Storage ([az import-export]( File Sync ([az storagesync]( | Read more details, as well as future plans, in this [announcement]( The Azure CLI is open source and available [on GitHub]( * CLIs * SDK and Tools