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Azure API Management update—July 2020



A regular Azure API Management service update was started on July 8, 2020\. It includes the following new features, bug fixes, and changes, along with other improvements. **New** * API Management can now access storage accounts as a trusted Microsoft service. [An example of policy using this feature is located on GitHub. ![](]( * Consumption tier services can now be created in five additional regions: West Central US, South Central US, France Central, Germany West Central, and Switzerland North. * Consumption tier services now emit metrics to Azure Monitor, with the exception of Event Hub and Capacity metrics. The Capacity metric won't be available in the Consumption tier. * Consumption tier services can now be moved to a different Azure subscription or resource group. * Response of the Network Status API call now includes connectivity information for the monitoring endpoint. * The PUT Subscription API call now accepts the appType query parameter in API versions 2018-06-01-preview or later. The value of the query parameter controls destination of the link included in the subscription confirmation email sent to a user - portal (default) results in a link pointing to the legacy developer portal, while developerPortal results in a link pointing to the new developer portal. * If API Management is configured to use a KeyVault-based SSL/TLS certificate, Activity Logs now include logs for the start of certificate auto-refresh process. **Fixed** * List of header names specified for logging can't contain duplicate header names. **Changed** * If sign-in delegation is configured, user is redirected to the URL specified in the returnUrl query parameter after a successful sign-in in the developer portal (managed version). It may take over a week for your API Management service to receive the update. The developer portal follows an independent release lifecycle and the [per-release change log is available on GitHub]( * API Management * Features * [ API Management](