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Improvements to Azure VM backups are now available



Azure Backup now has even greater support and functionality for Azure VM backups: * Azure Backup is introducing restoring Unmanaged VMs/Disks as Managed VMs/Disks to provide the benefit of Managed disks for customers who are currently backing up their unmanaged disks. For more details, please read our [documentation]( [![Restore virtual machine](]( * Azure Backup now supports Replace existing disks as an option for VMs that have Managed Service Identities (MSI) Both User assigned Identities and System assigned Identities. * Azure Backup now supports backup & restore of [Virtual Machine Scale Sets]( in the orchestration mode prescribed [here]( For more details, please read our [documentation]( All the above features are generally available in all Azure regions. * Azure Backup * Features * [ Azure Backup](