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Azure Blob versioning is now generally available



Azure Storage strives to protect your business-critical data from any accident or attack. To support that goal, we are announcing the general availability of Azure Blob versioning. Azure Blob versioning automatically maintains previous versions of an object and identifies them with version IDs. You can list both the current blob and previous versions using version ID timestamps. You can also access and restore previous versions as the most recent version of your data if it was erroneously modified or deleted by an application or other users. Together with our existing data protection features, including [data redundancy](, [soft delete](, [container soft delete (preview),]( [account delete locking]( and [immutable blobs](, Azure Blob storage provides the most complete user-configurable settings to protect your business-critical data. Turning on versioning is free. You will pay for the additional data storage when versions are created. [Learn more]( * Premium Blob Storage * Hot/Cool Blob Storage Tiers * Azure Blob Storage * Features