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Azure Arc enabled data services now in preview



Announcing Azure data services anywhere, a new capability enabled by Azure Arc that allows customers to run Azure data services on-premises, multi-cloud and edge, using Kubernetes on the hardware of choice. Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance and Azure Arc enabled PostgreSQL Hyperscale are available in preview now, with other services to come over time. Customers can now deploy a variety of data services, with access to latest innovation, cloud benefits like automation and elastic scale, unified management across all data assets in hybrid environments, and unique Azure security and governance capabilities like Azure Security Center, Policies, and Role-based Access Control for on-premises data workloads. Best of all, customers can use modern cloud billing models on-premises for better cost efficiency. * * Learn more about [Azure Arc enabled data services]( * Learn more about [Azure Arc]( * Learn more about [Azure Hybrid]( in our recent [blog]( * Check out our customer stories on [KPMG]( and [Ferguson]( [Learn More]( about Azure Arc enabled data services. [R]([ead the blog]( * Azure Arc * Management * Services * [ Azure Arc](