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Azure Machine Learning updates Ignite 2020



**Azure Machine Learning [Enterprise Edition (preview)]( capabilities are [merging into Basic Edition]( on September 22, 2020\.** With these enhanced capabilities included in Basic Edition, the Enterprise Edition of Azure Machine Learning will retire on **January 1, 2021**. With this announcement, we are delivering an industry leading ML platform with a rich set of capabilities to support the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, at no added cost, in one single offering Azure Machine Learning. **Designer (GA)** * No-code drag and drop experience for building and deploying ML models **AutoML UI (GA)** * Automatically build and deploy predictive models using the no-code UI or through a code-first notebooks experience. **ML Labeling Assist (GA)** * The machine learning assisted labeling feature lets users trigger automatic machine learning models to accelerate the labeling task. **Advanced RBAC (preview)** * AzureML operation level RBAC will allow customers to set custom roles, or re-use pre-built roles to control specific operations for the individual users in a workspace. **mlflow updates (preview)** * MLflow projects support for simplified job submission from local to cloud * Mlflow model registry support * Model deployment support (model from MLflow model registry and deploy it to ACI or AKS) * Expanded support for MLflow experimentation UI **Workspace Private Link (preview)** * A network isolation feature that enables you to access Azure ML over a private IP in your virtual network (VNet). [Learn More]( [Try for free]( [Pricing]( * Azure Machine Learning * Features * Services * [ Azure Machine Learning](