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Azure portal September 2020 update



**Increased auto-refresh rate options on dashboards** * 5, 10, and 15 minutes are now available **Improvements to the ARM template deployment experience** * Easier navigation with multiple tabs * Introduction of the Review + create tab * Support for multi-line JSONs and comment in deployment template **Support for deployment of templates at the tenant, management group, and subscription scopes** * Deploy any ARM template, irrespective of the scope through the Azure portal **Configuration of Always On availability groups for SQL Server virtual machines** * Create and manage the Windows Server Failover Cluster, the availability groups, and the listener, as well as manage the set of VMs in the cluster and the AGs, all from the same portal experience **New features in the Resource Graph Explorer** * Keyboard shortcuts are now available * You can now see more than 1000 results by paging through the list of results * "Download as CSV” will now save up to 5000 results **Object replication for blobs** * Replicate your data from your blob container in one storage account to another anywhere in Azure **Blob versioning** * Previous versions of an object are maintained and identified with version IDs **Change feed support for blob storage** * A read-only log of all the creation, modification, and deletion change events that occur to the blobs in your storage account **Soft delete for containers (public preview)** * Protect your data from being accidentally or erroneously modified or deleted **Point-in-time restore for block blobs (public preview)** * This feature protects against accidental deletion or corruption by enabling you to restore block blob data to an earlier state **Azure alerts visualization in the Azure mobile app** * You can now choose between rendering a list view of your fired Azure alerts or displaying them as a chart For more details including documentation, read the [full Microsoft Tech Community blog]( * Microsoft Azure portal * Features * Management * [ Microsoft Azure portal](