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Azure IoT Edge 1.0.10 release is now available



The [1.0.10 version]( of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements below. Full release notes can be found on the [GitHub release page for 1.0.10]( * Upgraded EdgeAgent and EdgeHub to .NET Core 3.1 which fixes multiple vulnerabilities in the Ubuntu and .NET Core base images * Diagnostic [metrics]( * [Message priority]( * [Module startup order]( can be optionally configured * Support for [arrays]( in module and device twins * Out of the box support for NVIDIA GPUs with Microsoft provide moby-engine * Automatic back-up and restore of the in-memory database of the EdgeHub * Limit the size of the in-memory database of the EdgeHub * Automatic re-provisioning after device deletion Instructions on how to update IoT Edge can be found [here]( * Azure IoT Edge * Features * Services * Open Source * [ Azure IoT Edge](