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Update: Azure Dev Spaces retired 15 May 2021



**\*Note: [Dev Spaces was retired on 15 May 2021]( as there were no longer any users on this service. Original notification copy released 13 October 2020 found below with the previously scheduled dates.** [Bridge to Kubernetes]( provides a lighter-weight alternative to many of the development scenarios that Azure Dev Spaces supports. It is a client-only experience offered through extensions in [Visual Studio]( and [Visual Studio Code]( Bridge to Kubernetes provides an improved experience with enhanced capabilities, and as such, Azure Dev Spaces will retire on 31 October 2023\. **How does this affect me?** After 31 October 2023, Azure Dev Spaces will no longer be supported, and all projects using Azure Dev Spaces will no longer function. **What action should I take?** Transition to Bridge to Kubernetes. More information on migration options is available [here]( If you have questions, get answers from community experts in [Azure Dev Spaces Q&A]( If you need technical assistance, create a [GitHub issue](, or [reach out to the product development team]( * Developer tool integrations * Services * Retirements