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New Azure Batch capabilities



Use Azure Batch to run large-scale parallel and high-performance computing (HPC) batch jobs in Azure. The following new Batch features are now available. **Task support for scheduling slots** Improved support is now available for using multiple applications in the same pool that have different core or memory requirements. With the new '[requiredSlots](' property, a task can optionally specify the number of scheduling slots it needs available on a pool node in order to be scheduled. When a pool is created, the number of scheduling slots that will be available on each node is specified (note that the 'maxTasksPerNode' property has been renamed 'taskSlotsPerNode'). **Batch account private endpoints** When creating a Batch account, it is now possible to [configure the account]( so that it doesn't have a public endpoint. By using [Azure Private Link](, access to a Batch account can be restricted to a private endpoint. Private Link allows users to only access an Azure Batch account from within the virtual network or from any peered virtual network. For information about all Batch service updates see [REST API versioning documentation]( * Batch * Features * [ Batch](