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New Azure Batch capabilities available in preview



Use [Azure Batch]( to run large-scale parallel and high-performance computing (HPC) batch jobs in Azure. The following new Batch features are now available in preview and are ready to try out ahead of general availability. **Pool node disks can be encrypted** Pool node OS and temporary disks can be encrypted. [Disk encryption configuration]( can be specified when creating a pool and uses a platform-managed key. **Pool support for private IP addresses** Pools no longer must have public IP addresses associated with them. A pool that is associated with a VNET can be [configured to have private IP addresses]( so that it can only be accessed by clients within that VNET. **Use customer-managed keys to encrypt your Batch data** To date, Batch account data such as certificates, task command lines, and task environment variables have been encrpyted with a platform-managed encryption key when stored. It is now possible to [use a customer-managed key]( to encrypt this data. For information about all Batch service updates see [REST API versioning documentation]( * Batch * Features * [ Batch](