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Azure Object Anchors is now in public preview



With Azure Object Anchors, now in public preview, developers can automatically align and anchor 3D content to objects in the physical world. Object Anchors eliminates the need to place markers or manually align holograms to objects. This saves significant touch labor, reduces alignment errors, and improves user experience. It also simplifies the development of mixed reality applications involving training or task guidance or remote inspections. **Getting started** You need a 3D model of the object you want to align. Make sure it’s in one of the supported formats (gltf, glb, obj, fbx, ply). Then use the Object Anchors training pipeline to get a model binary. You can detect your objects of interest and align 3D content to them by leveraging the runtime functionality on your HoloLens 2\. **Learn more** Use Quickstart guidance and code samples to get started: * [Quickstart]( * [Code samples]( Dive deeper into Object Anchors and how it works: * [Documentation]( * [SDK overview]( * [Service Overview]( * Spatial Anchors * Features * [ Spatial Anchors](