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Public preview of Azure VPN Client for macOS



We are announcing public preview of **Azure VPN Client** for **m** **acOS** with support for native Azure AD, certificate-based and RADIUS authentication for OpenVPN protocol. Native Azure AD authentication support is highly desired by organisations as it enables user-based policies, Conditional Access and **multi-factor authentication (MFA)** for P2S VPN. Native Azure AD authentication requires both Azure VPN gateway integration and the **Azure VPN Client** to obtain and validate Azure AD tokens. With the Azure VPN Client for macOS, customers can use user-based policies, Conditional Access, as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their Mac devices. [Download Azure VPN Client]( and learn more in our documentation: [Configure an Azure AD Tenant]( [Enable Azure AD authentication on the VPN gateway]( [Configure Azure VPN Client for macOS]( * VPN Gateway * Features * [ VPN Gateway](