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Tomcat 7 reached End-of-Support on 23 March 2021



Tomcat 7 reached the end of community support on 23 March 2021, so applications hosted on App Service will continue to run, but they will not receive updates or security patches because they are no longer available. **Required action** To minimise risk and potential security vulnerabilities, upgrade your Web Apps to Tomcat 8.5 or 9, depending on your workload requirements. To start, log in to [Azure portal](, navigate to the web app(s), go to **Configuration** \> **Settings > Stack Settings.** You will see dropdowns for Tomcat versions. Select Tomcat 8.5 or 9.0. You can also view other resources before you upgrade your Web Apps to Tomcat 8.5 or 9. * [Tomcat 8.5 Migration Guide]( * [Tomcat 9.0 Migration Guide]( **Help and support** If you have questions, get answers from community experts in the [Microsoft Q&A]( If you have a support plan and you need technical help, please create a [support request]( * App Service * Services * [ App Service](