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Public preview of Private Link UDR Support



Private Endpoint support for User Defined Routes (UDRs) is now in public preview. This feature enhancement will provide you with the ability to apply custom routes to traffic destined to a private endpoint with a wider subnet range. In order to leverage this feature, you will need to set a specific subnet level property, called _**PrivateEndpointNetworkPolicies**_, to Enabled. In addition to toggling this property, you will need to also register for the _**Microsoft.Network/AllowPrivateEndpointNSG**_feature (note that registation time may take up to 15mins). This feature will be available in the following regions: **UsEast2Euap, UsCentralEuap, WestCentralUS, WestUS, WestUS2, EastUS, EastUS2, Asiaeast, Australiaeast, Japaneast, Canadacentral, Europenorth, Koreacentral, Brazilsouth, Uksouth, US South, US North, France Central** **Managing Private Endpoint Network Policies.** [Managing network policies for private endpoints - Azure Private Link | Microsoft Docs]( **Registering for feature:** CLI - [az feature | Microsoft Docs]( PS - [Register-AzProviderFeature (Az.Resources) | Microsoft Docs]( **Overview of User Defined Routes.** [Azure virtual network traffic routing | Microsoft Docs]( **How it Works.** [Route network traffic - tutorial - Azure portal | Microsoft Docs]( [Create, change, or delete an Azure route table | Microsoft Docs]( **What is Private Link?** [What is Azure Private Link? | Microsoft Docs]( * Azure Private Link * Virtual Network * Features * Services * Security * [ Azure Private Link]( * [ Virtual Network](