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General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 21.09



Azure Sphere OS version 21.09 is now available in the **Retail** feed. This quality release includes bug fixes in the Azure Sphere OS; it does not include an updated SDK. If your devices are connected to the internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud. ### Updates to the Azure Sphere OS include * Upgraded Linux Kernel to 5.10.60. * Improvements to crash handling to prevent hangs. ### New and updated Gallery projects for 21.09 * [RS-485 real-time driver]( demonstrates how to use an M4F core on MT3620 to implement reliable RS-485 communication with inter-core communication to the high-level app on the A7 core. For more information on documentation updates, see [New and revised documentation in the 21.09 release]( For more information on Azure Sphere OS feeds and setting up an evaluation device group, see [Azure Sphere OS feeds]( and [Set up devices for OS evaluation]( For self-help technical inquiries, please visit [Microsoft Q&A]( or [Stack Overflow]( If you require technical support and have a support plan, please submit a support ticket in [Microsoft Azure Support]( or work with your Microsoft Technical Account Manager. If you would like to purchase a support plan, please explore the [Azure support plans]( * Azure Sphere * Operating System * [ Azure Sphere](