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Azure Web PubSub service now generally available



Web PubSub makes it easy to scale web apps, so developers can focus on the user experience for their chat apps, games, and other communication-intensive scenarios. Web PubSub supports both native and serverless WebSockets, so developers can leverage the publish-subscribe messaging pattern and let Web PubSub handle the real-time communication requirements between an application and web and mobile clients. This enables scenarios such as chats, live broadcasting, and IoT dashboards. This release also includes support for: * [AAD (Azure Active Directory)]( to help customers protect and govern access with single sign-on and simplify access to apps from anywhere. * [Private endpoints]( to allow clients in a virtual network to securely access Web PubSub service. [Read the blog]( [Learn more]( * Azure web PubSub * Features * [ Azure web PubSub](