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Virtual machines selector now generally available



As we continue to expand the Azure virtual machines portfolio, we also want to simplify the process required for you to identify the right VM based on your needs and budget. To that end, we are making the virtual machines selector, which is a web-based tool localised in 26 languages and available worldwide, generally available. Using the virtual machines selector, you can specify your requirements, such as the category of workload you plan to run in Azure, and the technical specifications of your VM (e.g., OS disks storage options, data disks storage performance, Operating System, deployment region etc.). After a few simple steps, the tool identifies the best VM and disk storage combination based on the information you enter. You will then be able to view the details of the recommended VMs and their prices. You can then add the selected VMs to the pricing calculator to perform a more comprehensive cost analysis. [Access the tool]( * Virtual Machines * SDK and Tools * [ Virtual Machines](