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General availability: Azure DevOps updates



You can now copy a dashboard to a different team, the same team, or a different project - and team and query configuration is updated in the new dashboard. This further minimizes the work required to build similar dashboards from scratch for multiple teams. In addition, we included multiple updates to Azure Pipelines. On YAML pipelines, we are setting deny access to all pipelines as the default for protected resources. In addition, Azure Pipelines will post a neutral status back to GitHub when it decides not to run a validation build because of a path exclusion rule. Check out the following feature descriptions for details. ### General * [Assign Azure DevOps Administrator role to an Azure AD group]( ### Azure Pipelines * [Automatic retries for a task]( * [Consume inputs from another task in a decorator]( * [Improvements to service connections usage history]( * [The default agent specification for Classic pipelines is now Windows-2019]( * [Post neutral status to GitHub when a build is skipped]( * [Access to all pipelines is turned off by default in protected resources]( * [Inject task before or after specified target tasks using a decorator]( * [Announcing a deprecation schedule for Windows 2016 hosted images]( * [Announcing deprecation of macOS 10.14 hosted images]( ### Reporting * [Copy Dashboard improvements]( * [Filter on null values in burndown chart widget]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](