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Generally available: Azure NetApp Files features



New features are constantly added to Azure NetApp Files and previously released preview features are moved into general availability. The following capabilities have recently received general availability status and no longer need registration for use:. * [Dual-protocol (NFSv4.1 and SMB) volume]( * [ADDS LDAP over TLS]( * [SMB3 Protocol Encryption]( Regional coverage continues to expand, and Azure NetApp Files is now generally available in * East Asia * Switzerland North * Switzerland West * West US 3 [See the full list of regional availability]( Feature regional coverage continues to expand as well for [cross-region replication]( * Cross region replication region pair additions: * West US 3 <-> East US * Southeast Asia <-> East Asia * Switzerland North <-> Switzerland West * UsGov Virginia <-> UsGov Texas * UsGov Arizona <-> UsGov Texas * UsGov Virginia <-> UsGov Arizona Learn more: [What's new in Azure NetApp Files | Microsoft Docs]( and [Cross-region replication of Azure NetApp Files volumes | Microsoft Docs]( * Azure NetApp Files * Features * Regions & Datacenters * Services * [ Azure NetApp Files](