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Generally available: OCR supports 164 languages in the Cognitive Services Computer Vision



Computer Vision's [OCR (Read) API]( 2022 model with [164 supported languages]( is now generally available as a cloud service and Docker container. * Support for 164 languages including Russian, Arabic, Hindi and other languages using Cyrillic, Arabic, and Devanagari scripts. * Support for 9 languages with English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. * Enhanced support for single characters, handwritten dates, amounts, names, other entities commonly found in receipts and invoices. * Improved processing of digital PDF documents and Input file size limit increased to 500 MB. * Performance and latency improvements. * Available as [cloud service]( and [Docker container]( To learn more, [get started]( with the new OCR features. * Computer Vision * Azure Cognitive Services * Features * [ Azure Cognitive Services](