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Public preview: API management authorisations



API management authorisations is a new capability that makes it easier to manage access tokens when sending requests to APIs based on OAuth 2.0 standard. Currently in public preview, this feature creates value for professional and citizen developers alike, supporting scenarios such as: * Connecting Power Apps and Power Automate developers to SaaS providers that require OAuth 2.0 * Enabling Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) patterns using service-to-service authorisation to use client credentials grant type against backend APIs that are using OAuth 2.0 * Exposing APIs in API management as a Logic Apps custom connector in Logic Apps where the back-end service requires an OAuth 2.0 flow * Allowing a marketing team to use the same authorisation for interacting with a social media platform using OAuth 2.0 [Learn More]( [Read the blog including a React sample]( [Read the blog including a Blazor sample]( * API Management * Features * [ API Management](