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Public preview: Update management center in Azure



Update management center, the next iteration of Azure Automation Update Management solution, is now in public preview. It provides an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use experience for central management and governance of OS updates across all the machines, including: * Machines with Windows and Linux Operating systems. * Machines deployed on Azure, and on-premises or on other cloud platforms via Azure Arc. ![Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated]( You get the following key upgrades over Azure Automation update management solution: * Management and governance of updates for entire fleet of machines including Windows & Linux, Azure & Arc workloads. * No pre-requisites, zero onboarding steps. * Granular access control on each machine using Azure roles and identity. * Install updates right away or schedule them for a later date. * Flexibility to define scheduling windows including syncing patch cycles with patch Tuesdays (unofficial term for Microsoft’s scheduled security fix release on every second Tuesday). * New ways of patching such as automatic VM guest patching in Azure, hotpatch, or custom maintenance schedules * Policy driven enforcement of assessment and patching at scale. Learn more: * [Try the service]( * [Read about the product]( * [Refer to public documentation]( * [Learn more on this blog post]( * Follow us on [Twitter]( (@AzureUpdateMgmt) to interact and get updates. * Management