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General availability: AMD confidential VM guest attestation



Today we are announcing the general availability of the guest attestation feature for AMD SEV-SNP based confidential VMs. Guest attestation enables verifying the trustworthiness (good state) of the trusted execution environment on which the guest VM is executing. It lets you do the following: * Use the guest attestation feature to verify that a confidential VM is running on a hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE) with security features (isolation, integrity, secure boot) enabled. * Allow application deployment decisions (whether to launch a sensitive workload) based on the hardware state returned by the library call. * Use remote attestation artifacts (token and claims) received from another system (on a confidential VM) to enable relying parties to gain trust to make transactions with the other system. * Receive recommendations and alerts of unhealthy confidential VMs in Microsoft Defender for Cloud. To learn more about guest attestation see the [documentation]( and the [blog post]( * Virtual Machines * Compliance * Features * Pricing & Offerings * Microsoft Ignite * Security * [ Virtual Machines](