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Public preview: Azure Elastic SAN



Azure Elastic SAN, now in preview, is a unique cloud-native and fully managed storage area network (SAN) service. Combining SAN-like capabilities with the benefits of being a cloud-native service, Azure Elastic SAN offers a massively scalable, cost-effective, high-performance, and resilient storage solution. It can connect to a variety of Azure compute services, enabling you to seamlessly transition your SAN data estate to the cloud without having to refactor your application architectures. With Elastic SAN, you can deploy, manage, and host workloads on Azure with an end-to-end experience similar to on-premises SAN. The solution also enables bulk provisioning of block storage that can achieve massive scale, up to millions of IOPS, double-digit GB/s of throughput, and low single-digit millisecond latencies with built-in resiliency to minimize downtime. Learn more by reading the [blog]( and refer to the [documentation]( for additional details, including how you can request access to the preview. * Azure Disk Storage * Pricing & Offerings * Microsoft Ignite