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General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 23.02



Azure Sphere OS version 23.02 is now available in the Retail feed. This release only includes bug fixes in the Azure Sphere OS; it does not include an updated SDK. If your devices are connected to the Internet, they will receive the updated OS from the cloud. ## Fixed bugs and common vulnerabilities in the 23.02 release The 23.02 release includes updates to mitigate against the following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs): * CVE-2022-37434 zlib * CVE-2018-25032 zlib ### The 23.02 release also includes bug fixes for the following behaviours: * Wiznet W5500 data dropouts when connected with a 100BaseTX connection have been addressed, and overall performance has increased by up to 2x. * An AF\_UNSPEC behaviour change when using mDNS introduced in the 22.11 OS has been reverted. ## New and updated samples, code snippets and Gallery projects The 23.02 release of the Azure Sphere samples, code snippets and Gallery projects includes the following changes: ### Unicast DNS Service Discovery Gallery project The Unicast DNS service discovery [gallery project]( demonstrates how to perform DNS service discovery by sending DNS-SD queries to a configured DNS server. Unlike multicast service discovery, this mechanism can be used to dynamically open access to not only local, but also remote endpoints in the device firewall at runtime. For more information on Azure Sphere OS feeds and setting up an evaluation device group, see [Azure Sphere OS feeds]( and [Set up devices for OS evaluation]( For self-help enquiries or technical support, please review the [Azure Sphere support options]( * Azure Sphere * Operating System * [ Azure Sphere](