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General availability: Azure DevOps 2023 Q1



This quarter we continued our investments in security. In Azure Pipelines, we improve the security of resources that are critical to build and deploy your applications. Now the resource-type administrator role is required when opening access to a resource to all pipelines. In addition, the **Grant access permission to all pipelines** option is disabled when creating a service connection, and you don't have sufficient rights. Moreover, we've improved security when creating GitHub Enterprise Server-hosted Pipelines. When you create your first GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) hosted pipeline, you will need to create a GHES service connection. Previously, you had only one option for the authentication mechanism: to use a Personal access token. This promoted creating less secure service connections. In addition to security investments, we delivered new features across our multiple services. Some of these features include: * [General availability of templates support in YAML editor]( * [Search for stages in side panel]( * [Prevent editing of shareable picklists fields]( * [Card resize logic in Delivery Plans]( * [Support for subpages table in wiki]( * [Added extension permissions to extension settings]( For a full list of new features, check out our release notes at <>. * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](