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Azure Key Vault Access Configuration Update



Azure RBAC is now the recommended authorization system for the Azure Key Vault data plane. Azure RBAC is built on [Azure Resource Manager]( and provides fine-grained access management of Azure resources. With Azure RBAC you control access to resources by creating role assignments, which consist of three elements: a security principal, a role definition (predefined set of permissions), and a scope (group of resources or individual resource). Azure RBAC offers several advantages over access policies: * A unified access control model for Azure resource-- it uses the same API across Azure services * Centralized access management for administrators - manage all Azure resources in one view * Integration with [Privileged Identity Management]( for time-based access control * Deny assignments - ability to exclude security principals at a particular scope * More stringent permissions -- managing access for users and service principals require Owner or User Access Administrator roles For more information, please visit [Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) vs. access policies | Microsoft Learn]( * Security