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Generally available: 8TB memory Mv2 Virtual Machine



Mv2 High Memory virtual machines serve our largest in-memory workloads providing infrastructure for 6 and 12TB memory needs. Based on customer demand, we are expanding the Mv2 portfolio and adding an 8TB memory virtual machine (VM) Standard\_M416ms\_8\_v2, that offers an intermediate size to scale between 6TB and 12TB. Standard\_M416ms\_8\_v2 is now generally available. **SAP Certification** Standard\_M416ms\_8\_v2 inherits all certifications of 12TB Mv2 including OLAP scale-out, OLTP scale-out, OLAP scale-up, and OLTP scale-up. Additionally, to provide extra headroom for large SAP HANA scale-out OLAP systems, we have completed a workload-based sizing certification for our 12TB, Standard\_M416ms\_v2 VM. The certification enables our customers to scale out to 16 x 8TB memory or 128TB. We are positioning this VM as an option for customers that outgrow the smaller 6TB, M416s\_v2 VM type, and where the demand for memory is the main scale driver for many customers. This represents an excellent opportunity to expand their SAP HANA scale-out cluster without the need of repartitioning and rebalancing the data when adding additional nodes. **Specification and regional availability** | **Size** | **vCPU** | **Memory: GiB** | **Temp storage (SSD) GiB** | **Max data disks** | **Max cached and temp storage throughput: IOPS / MBps (cache size in GiB)** | **Max uncached disk throughput: IOPS / MBps** | **Max NICs** | **Expected network bandwidth (Mbps)** | | ---------------------- | -------- | --------------- | -------------------------- | ------------------ | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------- | ------------ | ------------------------------------- | | Standard\_M416s\_8\_v2 | 416 | 7600 | 4096 | 64 | 250000 / 1600 (14080) | 80000 / 2000 | 8 | 32000 | Standard\_M416ms\_8\_v2 will be available in all Mv2 High Memory regions. To find a list of all supported regions, please visit Mv2-series at [Products available by region]( To learn more, visit [Mv2-series]( * Features