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Azure DNS is zero-day resilient with a diverse, multi-stack DNS infrastructure platforms.



Many of our enterprise customers build out their DNS zones with multiple cloud DNS providers to ensure their zones are highly resilient to any outage. Unlike Fault Tolerance, where a customer has a backup zone waiting to be enabled if an outage occurs (Active/Passive), Active/Active is the practice of running multiple platforms at the same time utilizing multi-stack DNS. This is typically a challenge since the customer must keep both platforms in sync at all times. With our announcement today, we have built out the ability for our customers to make one update to their zone and it is simultaneously updated to leverage Azure’s multi-stack DNS platforms. This eliminates concerns around zero-day events and system-wide outages. By selecting Azure DNS our customers get the power of multiple diverse serving plane infrastructures with the convenience of managing them from the same administration infrastructure with no additional cost to the customer. Multi-stack provides our enterprise customers a resilient, simplified, and centralized experience for their failover needs abiding by Azure’s resiliency commitments. [Learn more]( * Azure DNS * Traffic Manager * Features * Services * Microsoft Build * [ Azure DNS]( * [ Traffic Manager](