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Public Preview: Network Observability add-on on AKS



Network observability is an important part of maintaining a healthy and performant Kubernetes cluster. By collecting and analyzing data about network traffic, AKS customers can gain insights into how your cluster operate and can identify potential problems before they cause outages or performance degradation. And to enable network observability we have built a **n** **etwork observability add-on** plugin that will scrape useful metrics form Kubernetes workloads and emit actionable networking observability data into industry standard Prometheus format, which can then be visualized in Grafana. There are two options available for using Prometheus and Grafana in this context: Azure Managed Prometheus and Grafana or BYO Prometheus and Grafana. Key customer benefits: * Get access to node-level network metrics like packet drops, connections stats and more. * Support for all Azure CNIs - AzureCNI and AzureCNI (Powered by Cilium) * Support for all AKS node types - Linux and Windows * Easy deployment using native Azure tools - AKS CLI, ARM templates, PowerShell, etc. * Seamless integration with the Azure managed Prometheus and Azure-managed Grafana offerings. Read more in the [network observability add-on documentation]( and you can also watch a demo on Microsoft’s Azure [YouTube]( channel. * Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) * Azure Monitor * Virtual Network * Features * Management * Services * [ Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)]( * [ Azure Monitor]( * [ Virtual Network](