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Public Preview: Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data



Introducing [Azure OpenAI Service]([_on your data_]( in public preview—a groundbreaking feature that unlocks the power of OpenAI models, such as ChatGPT and GPT-4, with your own data. Streamline communication, enhance customer service, and boost productivity by running these models directly on your data, eliminating the need for training. Access specific data sources for accurate insights. From self-service data requests to revenue generation and streamlined procedures, the possibilities are endless. Seamlessly connect data from any source, deploy web apps, and experience the transformative impact of conversational AI. Get started with Azure OpenAI Service on your data and unlock powerful insights in just a few steps. * Read the [launch blog]( for more details * Review the [concept documentation]( for Azure OpenAI Service _on your data_ * Check out the new [QuickStart]( * Explore the playground and customization in [Azure AI Studio]( * Learn more and apply for [Azure OpenAI Service]( * Azure OpenAI Service * Features * SDK and Tools * Services